Advanced ReplayKit


IOS Programming

App Overview

The app we are creating today is actually pretty simple to create. It consists of a status label, a button to start or stop broadcasting, and a switch to toggle the microphone on or off. Similar to the app we made in the screen recording tutorial, it also has a segmented view with a colored square. You can change the colors of the square with the segmented view. We add this so you can do something in the app while your live streaming so you can properly test it.

When you tap the start button, a view will appear which will allow you to choose your broadcasting service. After you choose one, the service’s UI will come up and allow you to add a name to your broadcast. Once the broadcast starts, the status label will indicate that you are live. You can choose to turn on the microphone or not. When you stop the broadcast, the session will end and you will then be able to start another one.

Creating a Mobcrush Account

Note: If you already have a Mobcrush account, you can skip this step.

There are many apps that support ReplayKit live streaming such as Periscope and Shou. However, today we will use the game streaming service Mobcrush to test our app. If you have heard of Twitch, Mobcrush is very similar to it. However, Twitch sadly does not currently support ReplayKit live streaming. Fortunately, whenever they decide to add support, you will not need to change any code in your app. Live broadcasting will automatically work with it.


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