IOS Security

The moment developing your app, consider limiting network requests to ones that are essential. For anyone requests, make sure that they are made over HTTPS and not over HTTP–this will help protect your user’s data from “man in the middle attacks”, where another computer on the network acts as a relay for your connection, but listens in or changes the data it goes by along. The trend within the last few years is to have all connections made over HTTPS. Fortunately for us, more recent versions of Xcode already enforce this.

To create a simple HTTPS demand on iOS, all we need to do is append “s” to the “http” section of the URL. So long as the web host supports HTTPS and has valid certificates, we will get a secure interconnection. This works for APIs such as URLSession, NSURLConnection, and CFNetwork, as well as popular third-party your local library such as AFNetworking.

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